Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is the second chapter of 5Preview, the label created by an Italian duo last year and known across the globe for their tongue-in-cheek hand printed t-shirts. Now the brand is changing and developing, starting with a menswear collection that goes by the name of 5PW Wardrobe, designed entirely by Diego Fazio, one of the two emerging designers. These are the pictures that Dazed Digital have gained access to collection before it will be officially presented with a lookbook, which will be realised in London, very soon.

Dazed Digital: How is 5Preview evolving and why?
Diego Fazio: Many things have changed lately, in both the administration and management of the brand, and two separate labels have resulted: 5preview will go on the same as before with t-shirts and accessories, and on the other side will be a line designed by myself, 5PW Wardrobe, a complete clothes collection with the same spirit of 5preview, but with a sartorialist touch. My intention is to be closer to the new independent designers generation.

DD: How do you feel about being associated with the famous slogan-printed t-shirts?
Diego Fazio: Having been successful with the past project, I had the confident to confront the fashion market for the first time, which I only marginally considered before. Moreover, this success has made my new collection a little more credible, and hopefully will be as successful as the other. The slogan-printed Ts have stated and disclosed my personal idea about a contemporary fashion based on big numbers and common taste. What I try to do is approach the informal rigour that dominates the fashion system with a light touch.

DD: Did you feel the need to evolve into something else?
Diego Fazio: Yeah, from the start I wanted to create something else afterwards, something more articulated and meaningful. So this collection is a PREVIEW of the future of the brand. Maybe in the near future the label could change name once again, like if it is a never-ending work in progress.

DD: The garments are multi-functional. For instance, a jacket has attached hoodies and scarves on them. Where did you get your inspiration from when designing this collection?
Diego Fazio: When I started thinking of the collection I was shocked by images of Capuchin's catacombs in Palermo - hard to believe there are more than 8000 mummies standing in line dressed in hoodies, vestments and multiple layers! My clothes are definitely inspired by priests monastic clothing. The rule was to use simple geometric patterns and at least a double use of each piece, emphasising 3 details per outfit. Oh and a touch of mathematics also.

DD: You design menswear, but the looks are very androgynous. Do you think there's a thin line between womenswear and menswear?
Diego Fazio: Androgynous is probably the best adjective to describe the collection; it's not a coincidence that we're just shooting a new campaign with models of both genders, to underline the unisex concept of the brand. Having said that, I don't think the line is so thin after all. Menswear and womenswear have always come together - think about Chanel with the trousers for women, Gaultier with the man-skirt, and so on, and now Dior Homme and Gareth's androgyny! There's a massive difference in designing menswear or womanswear, and I think it's about attitude. Personally, when I design I think about men, and afterwards I found a way for the clothes to be adapted on women.

DD: You started designing t-shirts, then sweatshirts and totebags, and now full ensembles. Do you find any limits when designing your clothes?
Diego Fazio: Not yet... I'm still surprised that I managed to do exactly what I wanted. Initially I was looking for thousands of references and images to get inspiration from. This time it's been the other way round: first I chose the textures then we started cutting and sewing the pattern - me and the designer Dina, without her nothing would have been possible!

DD: What are your plans for the near future?
Diego Fazio: Now I'm focusing on the communication and I'm getting in touch with photographers and artists all over Europe to realise something that will be more than a simple lookbook- details coming soon. After that, we''ll plan some events in Italy and abroad ...but by that time we will be ready for a new collection I guess!


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  1. Hey there, Love the sculptural forms of your clothing. Look at my blog Im an emerging Artist, a semi recluse, I hate to exhibit, but will do soon on a big scale.
    I heard about the photo project return me a comment on the lion pic and we could talk about a colab on your "beyond a look book" project.
    Mr C.